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The race is on to drive the next generation of public relations research, because if one thing is clear, it’s that communicators who control the ROI framework will be in the driver’s seat.

Mark Weiner
Trainings / Trainings

ROI Communication`s trainings are designed to serve your individual needs and objectives. We understand the value of communication in achieving business results. Our training programs help you develop the expertise you need to formulate compelling key messages and deliver them with high impact.
Our communications trainings program includes:

  • PR for beginners
  • PR for managers
  • The keys to effective campaign planning
  • Evaluating public relations
  • Creating PR strategy
  • Writing skills for PR
  • Product/brand PR
  • Client Perspective: What I Need from My PR Agency
  • Media Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speech Preparedness
  • Event Planning
  • Crisis communications
  • Internal communications
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