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Trainings / Master class

26-27 June, Elieff Center, Sofia

In partnership with Dnevnik, Capital Weekly and,  With the kind support of Sofia Auto and


MASTER CLASS in EVENT LEADERSHIP exclusively in Sofia by the
International Event Management authority and best selling author,
Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP

The lectures will be only in English Language

Each participant will receive:
√ Lectures during two six-hour days
√ Certificate of Completion from ROI Communication signed by Dr. Goldblatt
√ Autographed copy of Dr. Goldblatt’s best selling book (in Bulgarian) “Special Events: Best Practices in Modern Event Management”
√ Complete set of power point notes as well as additional handouts of references including lists of event organizations, books, magazines, and other important sources.
√ 6 months subscription for
√ Client card with 5% discounts for the service of Sofia Auto – dealer of GM
√ 20% discount for all books, published by ROI Communication
√ If wanted a copy of the professional and commercial telephone directory Golden pages

The interactive, content filled seminar will consist of two six-hour days and you will learn how to:
•      How to define and profit from 21st century event leadership in Bulgaria and beyond?
•      How to create innovative and profitable events?
•      How to use brainstorming and mind mapping to improve the outcome of your events.
•      How to select, recruit, train, and lead staff and volunteers to create maximum performance.
•      How identify the appropriate financial philosophy and budget for your event to generate maximum return on investment (ROI).
•      How to seek funding and capital to support your event ideas.
•      How to create a strategic marketing plan for your event and event organization that generates maximum return on marketing (ROM).
•      How to identify sponsorship needs for your event.
•      How to identify appropriate sponsors.
•      How to create a winning sponsorship proposal.
•      How to sell sponsorships to increase the value of your event.
•      How to provide outstanding service for event sponsors.
•      How to produce feasible, viable, and sustainable events.
•      How to go green with environmentally friendly events.
•      How to assess, analyze, plan, and manage the risk for your event.
•      How to avoid, reduce, and transfer the risk of your event.
•      How to grow your business in event leadership.
•      How to advance your career in event leadership through defining a high achieving career path.
•      How to forecast the future of event leadership in Bulgaria so you may benefit today and tomorrow.
Don’t miss the chance to register before 17 June 2007
         at our special price of 275 Euros (excl. VAT)
Price after 17 June 2007 – 325 Euros (excl. VAT)

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For more information:
Ralitza Mihaylova
Event Coordinator
Tel: + 359 2 961 59 71
Fax: + 350 2 083 53 71


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